Are You Sure This is Just a Game? — Artist: Akemi Ohira

If instead of responding to record breaking forest fires, an ever-increasing number of tornado producing upper level category hurricanes and a Corona Virus ever mutating reinvigorated threats to humanity by: continuing to eliminate natural environment, refusing to get vaccinated, wear a mask or keep socially distant — then we just might be the cause celeb that encourages Conservative Senators and Governors, the bottom line of the 500 mega global corporations (like Walmart, Amazon, Apple) and their myth mentors the, Too Big to Fail creators of The Great Recession, whose Mission statement’s MIA clause is to keep all living in America:

Vaccines for the Trumped — Artist: Akemi Ohira

In truth, even America’s extremists perpetrating fringe extremism into mainstream harvested ratings, know that the essential welcome mat for human denial of overconsumption, generational betrayal and national demise, lies under the soles of soulless arrogance financing an alternative reality to satisfy the rootlessness of its minions’ sacrificing their lives on the altar of, The Big Lie .

My Grandmamma often told my cousins and me to, act like we had the sense we were born with. …

Global Pandemic No Excuse for what GOP Has Become — Artist: Akemi Ohira

The question itself betrays a culture of convenience now , instant gratification tomorrow and denial forever !

Unless the very core of our collective human psyche is upended by the truth that sets us free from, The Big Lies humankind procreated even before 1607, we’ll continue to complicate needed solutions:

* Housing is what ends homelessness.

* Taxing Billionaires helps working poor.

* Common Ground: Computerless Rural farms & disconnected Urbanites

However, until we reach such social platforms of faith of our mothers too, hope by and by in each other, and love for all of the people all of…

America Must Be The Rainbow Emerging from All Dark Clouds — Akemi Ohira

How we perceive the global COVID-19/SARS-2 pandemic and its, if you can’t beat them join them, political Hail Mary marketing reversal, Operation Warp Speed, for mis-administrating shots of vaccines, and its fast-forwarded race against presidential arrogance, media manipulation — indeed, time itself — exposes, beyond imbedded historical fears, to our broader, centuries old, slight-of-hand grasp of, self-truth.

History most easily repeats itself, most efficiently, the very moment, we the easily impressionable people, fail to follow the line of succession from LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin lie and Nixon’s…

“Sometimes there are battles That are more than black or white” — Artist: Akemi Ohira

Look, Elections now prisoner of GOP gutters, condemning us with every syllable McConnell utters. By The Right, non-whites should be taken out and hung, for the cold-bloodied murder of White Supremacy dung.

Stop the Steal!?!

Oh, Heavens what a chant! This is how Conservatives’ truth is pollution, enabling Arizona State Senate recount collusion.

Oh, come now State Repubs, Florida’s Cyber Ninjas, how low can you go with fringes?

Hear them down on West Paces Ferry Road Square dropping racial slurs everywhere — Spewing hate anyway they like. You Senator Johnson, did you go to school? …

Lost Trust Rarely Returns, Artist Akemi Ohira

Favorably impressed by Senators Rand Paul and Joe Manchin; cajoled by the opportunistic scalawags Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley; hoodwinked by delinquents Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy, then you are likely dangerously close to having your common sense sheared by the fork tongued grand master of hypocrisy and deceit, whose every well-oiled syllable is calculated to cannibalize the citizenry’s power of reason, while soiling the very mantle of Statesmanship: Mitch McConnell.

When every Republican Senator voted, No to helping Americans, while knowing the truth: the oft touted superior USA Education system, reliable Infrastructure and dependable power grids were myths long…

Jim Lo Scalzo — AP

Russian Snowballs thrown at Putin’s uniforms for freedom fighter; thousands arrested vs. America’s five dead by citizen insurrection at U. S. Capitol, walking away.

1787 compromise: neither Congress nor uninformed mobs, but an Electoral College elects our POTUS, when congressional staff snatches from the jaws of a tyrant’s defeat, our 46 th ’s paper Electoral College victory ballots, before a trumped mob guts our oldest branch of government — severing ties with peaceful transition, hoping: Heerrrrsss Donnie!

Reflecting on trumped Senators, Patrick Henry might revise, I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me unity…

When our Capitol building was torched by foreign invaders in 1814, it’s unlikely Dolly Madison alone hoisted Washington’s portrait on her back. Our iconic first president in oils, was probably saved on the backs of slaves, who our 2021 Capitol domestic terrorists believe should have, by example for their descendants, been thankful for a great white father who, driving through struggling Chicago insisted, only black people could live that way.

Failure to Listen to Voices Crying Out from the Wilderness Delivers Us to The Razor’s Edge — Artist: Akemi Ohira

America now has three days that will live in infamy: 7 December 1941, 11 September 2001 and 6 January 2021. And like Douglas High School (2018), Las Vegas (2017), Pulse…

I Wonder What, United We Stand, Looks Like — Artist: Akemi Ohira

Where, would labelers, opportunists and hypocrites be without their blindly obedient, overly armed minions of extremes, rising up from revisionist history to whitewash second-class citizenship, with self-deluded white lies — goosestepping across the backs of the less fortunate to reverse democracy, at the feet of too big to jail behemoths, possessing too many dollars without the good sense to know, the balance of the power of cashflow succeeds only when a two-way street?

When will Democrats, Republicans, Independents and non-voters cease ignoring a variation on Hamlet’s admonition: There are more people, places and things important to occupy Heaven, than are…

“ We Must Hang Together or Surely We Shall Hang Separately” Ben Franklin — Artist: Akemi Ohira

Undeterred by intrusive elbows, fingered ribs and crushed toes, grinding diverse human complexities, mesmerized by the myth that the brass ringmaster’s rigged rejuvenated racism will be our OPM brass ring, millions ignore almost 266,000 deaths and risked the lives of family and friends, to delete historical truth best served up as, Native American Day.

Even without a global pandemic limiting our ability to ravenously push, shove and kick our way through human trafficking determined to outdo each other in an uncivil struggle to maintain the art of the deal myth of greatness, Black Friday persevered.

Why inQQsist Trump clan, exit…

Marcello Rollando

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