A Time to Booster Our Re-Gathering — Internationally and Individually

Time to Ask Ourselves Why It’s Okay to Shoot Each Other And Lie About the Answer

OMG, how we non-Billionaire Americans love to be led by the nose by a myopic media lead by the nose by our collective Corporatism’s credit card creatives creating collective cravings catapulting Middle-class cash, into the clutches of controllers controlling the controllable.

Our Country Tis of the domestic oligarchs conning citizens into condemning Commander-in-Chief as the causer of current closeness to crash — all while overlooking cosmic Constitution re-construct by Conservative Carpetbaggers casting convoys of Ukrainians from control craving governor to our country’s capital city.

Aren’t we more counterproductive, than resurrected, when the trinity of believers’ descendants of Abraham’s, celebrate century-held beliefs, with violence in the holy city, against each other?

Our 2022 world needs fewer politicos grandstanding with imposed gas-guzzling bus trips hoping to raise their lone star above state shamer Ron’s desire for an increased birthrate, presumably to outnumber those who dare to say Gay during Springtime beach bar hopping.

Let us make time for a re-gathering of: the kindness of strangers, the coming together of partisans as bi-partisan, the prayers that launch us into the self-sacrificing of Good Samaritan actions — rather than the summarily senatorial, cease and desist dictates of corporatism’s money changers’ privy council betting on their expectation to reap what they have sown in the seedy profiteering of an overaged Senate boss yearning to breathe free from, one person one vote — vowing, the buck of We the People stops here with no further confirmations favoring objective Jurisprudence over the corporate appointed need for a GOP lock stepping America backward with, only supreme conservatives need apply.

Time to re-gather and remember, it is not the elected who make America of, by and for the people, but those who vote to elect them.

Seeing the re-gathering of Biden/Obama together in the White House again was heartwarming, indeed uplifting, in a year out of control: a planet being ignored while simultaneously raped to death, a foreign despot imitating the trumped in violently trying to overthrow a free and independent state and a near blackout not only of world peace but in our sincere individual and international collective ceremonious celebration of artistic excellence, overshadowed by conduct unbecoming.

Like the frog swimming gleefully in the pot of water simmering before coming to a deadly boil, losing one’s way can appear imperceptible until the very moment we see Dorian Gray in our mirror.

Indeed, we have strayed off our intended exceptional path, but even before 1776, failing to prevent our Civil War, maintaining the straight and narrow proved severely challenging.

Consistently proving our two steps forward and one back, we have maintained the struggle of a house divided: 30–40% preferring the Conservative POV that full rights and privileges of American citizenship remain in the control of a few powerful paler men vs. 60–70% Liberal/Independent population who believe justice for all means all are created equally entitled to the rights and benefits of our evolving Constitution — even as we self-inflict our swinging political pendulum.

Dwarfing the aftermath of FDR’s 1945 death feeding frenzy by Robber Barron’s descendants, on 8 November 2016 Americans lit a fire at the fork in the road of our ever-increasing North v. South path to war.

Some chose The Right path to decapitate our Republic, others left to preserve, protect and defend America, planet earth, and all life upon it — both opting to divide and conquer.

Since then, we have lost an abundance of what is good about, and for us:

We blind resurrection to the miracles of Ukraine, the victories of CODA, and the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Too often, we’re directed to deny, cause and effect truth, succumbing instead to GOP puppeteers grinding our noses in superficialities, programming us to fail to see the acceleration of our, American Dream, increasingly plowed into nightmares, our hearts into stone against neighbors, as we are sleep-walked past appreciation for what is really essential to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: the peace that passes all understanding — if together, we can keep it: Let There Be Peace on Earth: And Let it Begin with Me.



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Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director