America: From Charlottesville to Trump’s ‘Go Back Where You Came From’

Marcello Rollando
4 min readJul 16, 2019


They Come From Our Conscience, Our Dream, Our Votes

Our bankrupting Brander-in-Chief is a weapon of mass destruction, sparing few cherished American institutions. So, isn’t it time we refrain from identifying his behavior as merely distractions from his mounting Russian/Assange Wikileaks political and legal problems — and stop allowing him to lead us by the nose in his game of ring-around-the-Rose Garden, as he does our media?

Yes, our nation’s chief bully specimen is feeling challenged by people he feels are only for groping, but if you think Donald Trump is defeated, please revisit his proud confession: When someone attacks me, I always attack back…except 100x more, because this is Trump’s way of life. Thus, our old pro chess playing Speaker wisely chooses the tortoise over the hare, knowing it’s better to elect a Democratic Senate for indictment and potential jail time, than settle for an Impeachment slap on the wrist.

Trump continues to prove, like any cornered animal, he will not go gentle into that good Tuesday 3 November 2020 night, for he has cast his lot with, fine people on both sides, go back where you came from and perhaps most telling of all — it doesn’t concern me because I know many people agree with me.

Indeed, our sane and rational thoughts for America post Trump/Pence must prepare now for those all across our country salivating over photos of unarmed people of color shot in city streets or asylum seekers caged in American detention centers — for both they and GOP have been trumped by the stench of, Make America White Again.

Donald Trump’s need to be praised eliminates any ability to keep a secret, be it Russians or ICE raids or, his real intention that goes far beyond mere distraction: The Dems were trying to distance themselves from the four “progressives,” but now they are forced to embrace them. That means they are endorsing Socialism, hate of Israel and the USA! Not good for the Democrats!

Tag, we’re it!

Those who are not among the 54% seeking, Sweeping Change that sets us free from corporate gouging, governance by fear of losing supremacy — and the domestic terrorism of a president equating disagreement with him, to treason — fuel the coming storm.

Our fate yields to our choice: the narrow path of reason to unity or the broad road of chaos to destruction. Worshiping at the tower of deceit, racism and inhumanity guarantees freedom’s demise. To recapture our balance, wisdom beckons us to be a nation of people who dispel denial, eradicate ignorance and make the wind and the sea obey our energized Johnny-come-lately attempts at climate justice.

A memo from a GOP strategist to Trump Administration concluded Census citizenship question would disadvantage Democrats. This is the character of a Twitter-in-Chief colluding with social media stormtroopers fond of conspiracy theories, hailing the Southern Cross, wearing ammunition belts in public parks and murdering peaceful opposition.

Meanwhile blotched by the yellow streak of rented Conservatism, honorable patriotic investors with $34 trillion demand urgent climate change action, but USDA exiles Climate scientists to Koch Bros’ Kansas.

The point is, we have ensconced Trump into our social diet: a secret Border Patrol Facebook Group where Agents joke about Migrant Deaths and post sexist Memes. Now we need a cleanse: resisting not just DT, but the delirium he resurrected in America. Unlike Trump and company, we must persist with the dignity, intelligence and honesty he lacks, for in all probability, Trump had no idea that the Congresswomen he attacked, are, arguably, more American than two of his three wives.

And therein festers our exceptional problem: Trump’s GOP is the visible infection come to a head atop our historical foundation of, America’s molasses to rum to slaves triangular trade, economic security stable on the backs of Antebellum enslaved families, 1919’s All-American Red Summer and the crooked white line from the White House of Tallahassee’s Dozier School For Boys to that, the trumped elected, for a more imperfect union in 2016.

Each of us has a destiny, whether for good or evil is our choice.

Fifty-seven years ago, President Kennedy both proclaimed our going to the Moon and, to Khrushchev missiles in Cuba, this far but no farther.

Fifty years ago, Americans landed on the Moon, yet twenty years ago John F. Kennedy Jr died in a plane crash just minutes away from his earthly destination.

If we stop resisting the real enemies of a colorblind American Dream, America will die. If we don’t start resisting Climate Change, the world will also.

Yet, know this: anything we do that mirrors the tactics of Pence, McConnell and Trump, defeats everything America was created to be.



Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director