Are we Pro-Life for USA Constitution or Prolife for Masked MAGA GOP?!?

Vote To Save America’s Brain from MAGA Terrorism and Domestic Violence — Artist: Akemi Ohira

After 160 years, the Internal Revenue Service acknowledges that inflation exists and has a real time impact on working Americans.

Has the IRS been spooked into becoming prolife for taxpayers?

The transient PM Truss’ timely treasury titillation of truant tycoons — tersely trimming their taxes, to thank takers twisting trading trends toward territorial tricks tending to treat Trickle Down as: to thine own treacherous self be true, and it must follow, as the night the twilight, thou canst not then be tumbled by the trumped-up tyranny of those trusting the tumid tallow of traitors — which is the mirrored twin of The Right’s GOP pro-life for, some of the people all of the time.

I’m pro-life for the lives aging out at twenty-one.

I am pro-life for affordable healthcare and health insurance for the lives of Non-Caucasian Americans.

Yes, I’m a proud pro-lifer for those with the vision to see through the Jack-O-Lanterns’ smirk of 2020 Election Deniers.

I’m pro-life for all Americans who celebrate females of all ages, hues, religions and POVs, who aren’t fooled by the masks of political, cultural and camouflaged Conservative campaigners.

I am pro-life held most precious the very moment before Supreme Conservatives disappeared Roe v Wade like a Halloween costume on November first.

Yes, I’m pro movement is life when the life of The Party of Lincoln doesn’t abort Abe’s Gettysburg Address.

I’m pro-life for Midterm voters thinking for themselves beyond theatrics of myopic media and self-serving Big Lie candidates.

Yes, I am a pro-lifer for DACA: people who, against all odds, dream the American Dream: that one day, all of God’s children will be able to sing with new meaning, I am pro-life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all, without prejudice, with malice toward none.

I’m pro-life for all refugees and migrants exchanging foreign enemies for our domestic horrors, to kiss the ground at the feet of Lady Liberty’s global promise, torched by the skeleton of a house divided between violent hammering of the innocent — only to expose the gullibility and lack of common sense and human decency of Right-Wing attackers wallowing in Trumpism’s need to erase, love thy neighbor as thyself.

Yes, I am pro-life for America’s Exceptionalism, without objection or exceptions from descendants of hanging chads.

I’m pro-life for students becoming unshackled from debt and the oppressive weight of The Right’s default settings against all needing helpful assistance.

I am pro-life for election workers, the advocacy of humanitarians and all who lift up all American life with the opportunity to share their potential to contribute — as did Anna May Wong who championed for increased representation and more multi-dimensional roles for Asian American actors.

To be pro-life, is to lovingly support justice for all life from inception to interment.

I am pro-life for, Country before Party, especially when that Party is now imbibed with the power-hungry drug, to first do harm with The Big Lie.

Yes, I am proud to be a pro-lifer for those who have progressed beyond October 30, 1938 — and are now eager to shake off the dust of a sensationalizing Media whose hyperbole, aids and abets the empty vessels of MAGA Midterm candidates relying on armed intimidation to destroy American democracy.

I’m pro-life for Election workers who serve to help all voters preserve, protect and defend our Constitutional Democratic Republic against Americans determined to turn our ship-of-state backwards to our Civil War.

Yes, I am a proud pro-lifer for a cease and desist of casting ourselves as the puppeteers’ swinging political pendulum, voting in reaction to the last attack ad, against the last election while genuflecting before the very people who dissected America with Watergate, Trickle Down, Iran-Contra, The Big Lie precursor: the Axis of Evil and non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I’m pro-life for the lives who call out the murderers of our children from American schools to foreign oil wars — and who demand the end to repeating the same mistakes by putting our trust in the same Party partying on our shortsightedness, lack of attention to details and short-term memory.

I am pro-life for accepting our share of the responsibility for higher gasoline prices: for no president can set prices at the pump faster than drivers driving less, exchanging gas guzzlers for hybrids, car-pooling, or using mass transit choices — and voting for candidates who will snuff the life out of Big Oil’s power over our daily bread, expenses and peace of mind — by deleting dark money from our elections.

Yes, I am a proud pro-lifer for all Americans who finally recognize the creed of MAGA Republicans to K. I. S. S. for those they think are too simple to notice or care that, Trump and comrades are the tricks who steal our treats.



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Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director