Evolution or Revolution?!?

Marcello Rollando
3 min readSep 27, 2022


Reason Saves Evolution from Revolution — Artist: Akemi Ohira

Does it seem to you that with each dawn’s early light, we are encouraged between morning coffee and leaving home to greet the new day with a full plate of lost faith in ourselves?

Are talking heads of every variant of self-serving ill-gotten gain doping us into abandoning all hope for a happier future?

Have we, long before, tis the season, lost our love for family holiday gatherings?

OR are we just watching too much TV? Believing too many people who believe in their own press releases — that we’ve relinquished our will to think for ourselves?

As a people whose business and political leaders depend on our short attention span more than our response to glitzy and over-easy warm toned political ads — succumbed to PAC paid pablum video pulling us in like our children ignited by Christmas toy commercials before Thanksgiving?

Is our collective character so fragile that we fall victim to otherwise dormant mental health issues when in solitude with our own thoughts?

If the only choices we perceive are the rock of ages, rock stars or rocky road ice cream, where do we turn for the smooth sailing, we thought we were promised by parents, military recruiters and corporate rented politicians?

OR haven’t we heard in the whispers of that still small voice yearning to breathe free from within, that living in a land of the free means being the home of the brave even to migrant refugees seeking asylum from violence — needing more than multi-million tax dollar bus rides and flights.

Will Conservative Republicans ever be as embarrassed as Democrats are appalled by a 16 June 2015 descending golden escalator beginning the take down of America’s best family values with it to the underbelly of pussycat grabbing, golden showers and 250-million-dollar art of the steal?

Is it really so surprising to see a black Mermaid, given that legends about mermaids began long before America or Disney existed: a mythological creature rumored from at least 1000BC and as far from American shores as Asia, Africa and Greece. Is it possible Mermaids are only white when spawned by someone white?

Isn’t it more rational, rather than getting hooked on the color of a wholly fictional half fish person, to instead unite with the courage of the entirety of female contributions, particularly now with women protesting the arrest of a twenty-two year old woman who died while in custody of Iran’s Morality Police.

If this does not remind you of Sandra Annette Blandin and the hypocrisy of MEGA religiosity — maybe we are looking for our happiness in places sowing the seeds of fear fed anger choosing to live a life that belies, The Golden Rule.

Four women have now left our physical playing field; two I knew intimately and two I never met. Each, however, lived with purpose beyond themselves:

  • My Grandmamma: the best apology is to never repeat the offence
  • My mother: birth and death stand on either side of the bridge of time — each gesturing to the other to meet in the middle
  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg unexpectedly and too soon: how to emulate greatness through a gut-wrenching sense of loss
  • Queen Elizabeth II: doing and being the best at what we were born to do and be is the very essence of a life well lived

When Americans seek a lifetime purpose, we hear the voices of our ancestors who escaped European religious oppression and Theocratic rule to create a new world of historic Exceptionalism — emancipated eighty-seven years later by our 16th President — for all of the people, all of the time.

While America’s founders were all Caucasian men unable to agree that females, non-property owners and non-whites were equal, they did specify a process by which our Constitution could be amended — yet it has been only twenty-seven times.

In welcoming and celebrating women of every social, economic demographic into full citizenship, all will rise into the reality of true democracy to raise their voice in acclamation of our greatest gift: sharing our Free Will.

After 246 years has not our one person one vote privilege earned the right to lift every voice and sing in evolution of the American Dream?



Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director