From a King’s Dream to a Nightmare every 140 Characters

Marcello Rollando
3 min readJan 18, 2017

From Dream to Nightmare

If on Wednesday January 11, 2017 when the person of 2016 again demonstrated his lack of 1st Amendment knowledge — deserters from The Fourth Estate, instead of leaping to their feet to curry favor with a boorish pretender to The Crown — had in protest, walked out on the Goliath du jour — that would have been America great again.

Greatness and character are lost on those for whom Ratings is definition and heroism: I like people who weren’t captured — for few rise to the courage of an American nearly beaten to death for the dream of democracy, justice and equality.

People like John Lewis deserve more than a tinge of colorblindness in February or a January Federal Holiday. There are millions of Americans of every hue, territory, creed and persuasion, challenged with invisibility, who now have used our political process to grasp at a mirage hoping to be seen — Black-ish or not.

Since the Military Industrial Complex merged with Trickle Down Economics, vision for millions of good, well-meaning patriotic Americans has narrowed to short-sighted absolutes:

1) What’s good for my family is best for every American family

2) No issue, not even affordable healthcare for my children in a life-threatening environment is more important than, jobs.

3) The only, solution to America’s problems is, something different

In 2016 Media fed oversimplification turned America, hard right, and on Friday January 20, 2017, a 140-character wall will be ensconced to hide an American president from Americans.

Because we’ve allowed elected officials to believe, Rules Don’t Apply, to them, America is at the intersection where dismay and defeat can T-bone peaceful assembly to protest foreign and domestic Corporatism.

Long before the war on women was waged by male conservative War Dogs, conservative women, insisting 20th Century Women were the pillar of family values, indiscriminately opposed abortion, the Equal Rights Amendment and LGBT & income equality.

With the Arrival of The Lobster with no morals, elected by women with no color, America’s gender parity cracks anew amidst malice aforethought, and Fences rise, like temperatures and sea levels, to wall out the mutual justice of, I Have a Dream.

Through the lens of our 2016 elections, it may seem America was a perfect La La Land, but that would be one of the many half-truths our parents continually tell our children — for American Exceptionalism has rarely embraced, Loving in black and white.

Shaking off the extremes of an electoral college and an unethical 115th Congress abandoning America with attempts to banish humanitarian ethics, eliminates any need to re-learn past lessons in Right-Wing red ink, wading us through the Dead Pool of Bush/Cheney.

Let’s cast off leadership incapable of intellectual curiosity, and instead emulate Americans progressively committed to carry Our Lady’s torch, Come Hell or High Water.

Like a Lion, roar no more Hidden Figures calculating in Moonlight, being A Raisin in the Sun of Too Big to Jail indiscriminately controlling white & blue collars, the disadvantaged poor and working middle class, with marketed misinformation keeping consumers and stockholders blinded by financial fears and, like Nocturnal Animals, desperate to keep America in darkness.

Media’s failure to give equal coverage to the wisdom of Viola Davis to that of Meryl Streep, is testimony to how far we have yet to go to embrace Stronger Together, but Donald Trump proves how far we can distort our Captain Fantastic within.

The next U. S. president thinks there’s power in his twitter fingertips. We need make it his Achilles Heel — for one who so craves adoration, will blow away like yesterday’s dust, as soon as we deny him our freedom.

There are far greater traitors on Wall Street and in the halls of Congress than Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. This revealing duo is more akin to the patriotism of Alice Paul, President and Jackie Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Bobby Kennedy, Rosa Parks, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Daniella Gibbs Leger and Barack Obama — than anti-American Birthers and Russian hackers.

Truth is, Patriotism is Americans participating in weekly protest events, because it’s not government of, by and for the people, until We the People show upThis is Us.




Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director