Herd Shots Round the World Slow to Heal Republican Election Infections

Look, Elections now prisoner of GOP gutters, condemning us with every syllable McConnell utters. By The Right, non-whites should be taken out and hung, for the cold-bloodied murder of White Supremacy dung.

Stop the Steal!?!

Oh, Heavens what a chant! This is how Conservatives’ truth is pollution, enabling Arizona State Senate recount collusion.

Oh, come now State Repubs, Florida’s Cyber Ninjas, how low can you go with fringes?

Hear them down on West Paces Ferry Road Square dropping racial slurs everywhere — Spewing hate anyway they like. You Senator Johnson, did you go to school? Who taught you Oath Takers insurrection was cool, and each protestor, like you Ron, a tool?

Hear your Assemblymen or worse, hear fellow hypocrites converse. America would rather hear Peaceful Assembly than that. Cowards cackling behind the scene, preferring pipelines and oil spills to environmental clean.

I ask you Republicans what sort of party is that?

It’s Gerrymandering and Red Mapping that keep you in your place, not your monotone talking points and self-serving pace.

Why do Conservatives teach their clones how not to think? This skin color caste distinction, by now, should be adieu. If people of color treated you the way you treat them, why you might die in a private prisons too.

Begging your pardon if you take offense, but how elected officials vote, absolutely classifies them — especially when inciting riots to keep our light upon a hill, dim.

One Common Ground America, I’m afraid we’ll never get. Oh, why can’t the Congress learn to set a good example for corporate lobbyists whispering pieces of silver in their ears — when The Street and violent mobs leave folk without hope and faces full of tears.

There are even places in America where democracy completely disappears. Where in Deep Red States, they haven’t used it for years.

Why can’t our citizens teach their states how to think? Obama flipped nine Red ones in 2008; South Carolina gave Biden White House instead even as Louisiana remained, blood red.

And still New Orleans cares not what Mardi Gras Night Revelers do exactly, as long as on Fat Tuesday, they pronounce it properly.

Americans who learn wrong lesson from Turkish Armenian mass slaughter, emulate QAnon and Proud Boys in Charlottesville killing a beloved daughter.

But resist systemic racism of hued lives that matter and wanton destruction by environment by partisan clatter you’re regarded as a Socialist like puppets of Putin’s Puppet POTUS recommending bleach for what ails populous.

Oh, why can’t Democrats and Republicans learn to be Americans?

Beg pardon, of Lerner & Loewe and Rex Harrison, for manipulating their collective artistic genius to make my political points regarding a, Land of the Free which was free to keep the promises made by our Founding Fathers to the top 1% of their day, or wait to begin work on justice for all, after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, and assassination, with Constitutional evolutionary Amendments:

  • Fourteenth — granting citizenship to all born or nationalized here, including people forcibly brought here for free labor.
  • Fifteenth — giving African American men the privilege to vote — but not women of any Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, Religion or Age.
  • Seventeenth — reigned in political bosses’ control over Congressional Senators, paving the transfer of political puppet strings from Robber Barons or Captains of Industry to the Carte Blanche of Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex, cementing foundation for the largely invisible and secretly funded Citizens United money changers.
  • Nineteenth — granted females the male privilege to vote, but not equal citizenship nor guarantee of equal pay for equal work.

Who expected Truman to fill FDR’s shoes, or LBJ JFK’s but an elderly compassionate conqueror of a childhood stutter resurrecting America from an apathetic self-inflicted failure in judgement, is truly the wind beneath our wings and the answer to a prayer released into the ethers of a merciful universe, by millions of Americans committed to saving our American Dream from its lowest common denominators.

While enduring, but managing our day-by-day comeback from the intentional national betrayal of our international integrity: arch Conservatives eroding a major political Party into the hypocrisy of Right Wing extremists — can we finally recognize

  • A global pandemic isn’t a hoax
  • Systemic racism is the remnant of American slavery.
  • Denial of scientific facts devastates more families with loses to COVID, murderous racial discrimination and mass shootings in schools, workplaces and locations essential to our very daily survival.
  • But the worst denial of all risks condemning our children and grandchildren to death by, Climate Change.

If we cannot create common ground for planetary survival, let’s at least finally see each other as siblings, even twins, enduring the same tragedies and comedies, from electing leaders who focus more on their next election than our next generation.



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