It’s Not Just Who, What, When, Where, How — But WHY We Are Here

Marcello Rollando
4 min readAug 17, 2022


Why Me? Why Am I Here? — Artist: Akemi Ohira

Timing is everything — but commonsense is fleeing our judgement when we know the truth that sets us free, but refuse to admit it, even to ourselves.

Why do mostly Caucasian Conservative Republicans refuse to believe that Biden/Harris won the election against Trump/Pence, clinging to the belief that a Biden/Harris victory means, our country is being taken away from them.

Why do, in Trump we trust apostles insist on threatening election workers and committing acts of violence, as if our Constitutional freedom of Expression includes the right to attack Asians for Covid, Congress for election certification and FBI Agents for fulfilling their legal obligation to protect We the People from all enemies, foreign and domestic?

And why are religious Americans ignoring this de facto perversion of, love thy neighbor as thyself, into love my neighbors living in my neighborhood who look, think and vote in lockstep with me?

Why are Wyoming Republicans expected to punish truth, rather than reelect a 93% pro Trump voting record?

Why do we continue to tune in to Netflix to watch the mostly untrue story of Ben Carson’s life, played by Cuba Gooding Jr, and floating on Oscar hot air from Ben Affleck’s Argo embellishing America’s actions in freeing hostages from Iran, at the insufferable and insulting minimizing of the truer heroics of our British allies risking hiding Americans in their embassy?

Why? Perhaps because like the characters in Joe versus the Volcano we are largely a nation of followers electing to give power to greed then mesmerizingly returning to indoctrinated make believe like, the informative air disaster mystery solving Black Box actually being, Orange.

Why is Operation Lone Star failing when Texas Governor Abbott continues to bus migrants seeking asylum, from Texas to Washington DC and NYC: why? the cost to Texas taxpayers or the fact that many states have migrants relocating from their homeland to American cities all over our country, and most are lovingly accepted and helped to build and contribute to a new and better life in and for a United States of Freedom and Justice for All.

So, why is it, that America’s Conservative Republicans, in the wake of our FBI retrieving Classified material from Mar-a-Lago still, against all evidence gathering to the contrary, prefer The Big Lie which will probably cause terrible things to happen if we continue to ignore our tragic history lessons like:

  • Charles Manson: convinced his inner circle of impressionable young girls that he was Jesus, and therefore they should kill people
  • Jim Jones: ordered hundreds of his followers to kill themselves as a revolutionary act
  • Texan Marshall Applewhite: incited mass suicide as prep for spaceship taking followers through, Heaven’s Gate
  • David Koresh: claimed he was a Messiah and while preaching the end of the world, impregnated sect women and had sex with underage girls

Not being able to medically identify a sociopath or psychopath is understandable and forgivable, but perhaps it is our Civic Duty to hold these truths to be self-evident: millions of normally good-hearted, empathetic, reasonably intelligent American adults need to justify, if only to themselves, why they fail to recognize from the above list, the similar characteristics in the Modus Operandi in a president who is a pathological, self-serving liar.

As for believers in commonsense, rather than labeling those with whom we disagree stupid, we need to master the wisdom garnered in this truth: by helping others even those bitterly opposed to us, we help ourselves.


Since Trump’s June 2015 escalator’s decent, resurrected America’s historical bigotry: deceit, evil intent and the superiority lies we tell ourselves, why have we become media addicted to those who broadcast excuses for Trump’s inclinations toward North Korea and Russia’s dictations, in utter disregard for our Intelligence?

Why have we allowed Trump the freedom to target those he deems worthy only for their blind loyalty and donations to him?

Why haven’t a third of us grasped the possibility that Trump is more likely the logical extension of Nixon’s Watergate, Ford’s pardon, the GOP’s canonization of Reagan’s John Wayne imitation, with The Gipper as inaugurating the release of Iran held American hostages, thus laying the welcome mat for war criminals GWBush/Cheney/Rumsfeld mounting Trump as ornamental justification for the faux foxy vehicle motor mouthing Murrow and Cronkite to unmarked graves.

Why would any former president flush or illegally transport classified documents from White House to his house?

Why with the preponderance of evidence of Conservative Republicans projecting their sins: election fraud and fake electors attempted 2020 election steal violently turning against all that makes America’s exceptional dream of, justice for all, onto fellow Americans who dare defend our democratic republic?

Why aren’t we courageously facing our mirrored reflection and answering, Why are we here.



Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director