Lawmakers, ‘What Are You Doing? Why Are You Here?!?’

Marcello Rollando
4 min readMay 25, 2022


The truth that sets us free from denial, media cons and corporate rented politicians is in past lessons shredded by current mind-boggling, programming blindness to our simmering Seven Days in May.

We need to renew ourselves with the courage, problem-solving and rational leadership of Lincoln’s Union preservation, FDR’s New Deal, JFK’s Cuban Missile Crisis, Obama’s Affordable Healthcare and Biden’s facing the ill wind of Russian invasion, Global Pandemic, and America’s domestic terrorism — aided and abetted by Republican Senators.

We have elected only a few great presidents, and even fewer great statesmen, making it difficult to recognize the strengths of succeeding VPs to POTUS icons after unspeakable tragedy: Johnson after Lincoln, Truman after FDR and LBJ after John F. Kennedy. Yet somehow, most managed through war and peace to diminish our grief and wrestle with the reins of individual responsibility that comes with global power.

After the gap between Obama’s economic restoration from Wall Street’s, Too Big To Fail, We the People, elevated the down-to-earth senior citizen, Joe Biden, hoping through him, we could resurrect our civic duty, international honor and exceptional one-person-one-vote country.

Remembering even daily life choices are often between the lesser of two evils, recognize 6 January 2021 as a warning shot, and Joseph R. Biden Jr’s administration as a light on our pathway to reestablishing some piece of our law-abiding, even noble, Good Neighbor footing on the accelerated shifting of our political and cultural foundations — all while inheriting the moral carnage of a twice Impeached, self-serving dictator wannabe, and the third of Americans he inseminated with the biggest lie we’ve ever told ourselves fomenting ever-increasing violence against our Democratic Republic of, by and for us.

Is it of sound mind to expect our 46th president (without distracting us with any unpleasant details, interrupting our consumption of ever-present conveniences, denying our denial of any alteration in our reality), to guarantee our pursuit of happiness by strutting onto the Truman Balcony, like a coo-coo clock alarm, dramatically whipping out his magic wand, chiming away the sum of all our fears, bad days of Why Me and economic roller-coaster residue from Clorox toast to The Republican Plan: to twist our faith, hope and love into self-centered worshiping MAGA adversaries against our Constitution — without our even trading-in bar-hopping or TV remotes for a moment of silence to receive this truth: The foundation of America, indeed, its promise, needs natural-born citizens to practice everything nationalized citizens are required to learn about America before being permitted to recite, The Oath of Allegiance.

With the power of knowledge found in America’s good, bad and ugly history, we gain the wisdom, confidence and strength of character to disperse censure, dissolve our prejudices and vanquish our hate-filled fears of being replaced.

Granted, when a government agency closes a factory producing an essential product for infant survival (believing said plant product was not safe for infant consumption), it is not unreasonable for parents to anticipate a Plan B kicking in without delay.

However, a president’s daily briefing rarely goes beyond CIA, FBI, and Departments of State and Defense input.

Truth is: Congress determines both budget and legal parameters for the FDA, with OMB reviews, so let’s people Congress with lawmakers who care about life after birth.

Similarly, no president is the Czar over gasoline pumps. Gasoline prices are the direct result of international Oil prices and the supply and demand for Gasoline.

BTW: demand is greater from those who poopoo carpooling, public transportation and hybrid-electric cars; Supply? That’s Oil & Gasoline CEOs excessing over increased profits.

Inflation: Us again. It helps to reacquaint ourselves with our economic past: America’s WWII Homefront, 1970’s gasoline shortages and three attempts to overthrow our government: Civil War, The Business Plot and 6 January 2021.

Knowledge is our best protection from denying the urgency of crippling student loans, over a million American COVID deaths, Climate Change, the ignorance of burning books, and ever-increasing gun violence and mass shootings.

All you’ve got to know is this: right now the government of the United States is sitting on top of the Washington Monument, right on the very point, tilting right and left and ready to fall off and break up on the pavement.

Failing to see differences between imperfect Democrats trying to save children, teachers and parents from gun violence, and Republicans intentionally deluding both themselves and American voters with foxy misinformation and CPAC disinformation, We sacrifice Franklin’s, if you can keep it, on the altar of, What is Past is Prologue.

Sins are not just what we do, but what we fail to do.

There’s no time for voting ambiguity of non-voters; no salvation in trusting Cruz/ Cornyn/McConnell type Republicans, but by electing Democrats, we offer hope for, all of God’s Children.



Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director