Lives and Livelihoods: Can’t Have One Without the Other, but Who’s On First

My Grandmamma used to say, God is always talking to us, if we’d only listen.

What nurturing lesson could there be in witnessing, from the living side of nursing and retirement homes’ glass panes, the pain of surviving the double vision of our reflection mingled with the face of a loved one succumbing to an invisible killing machine?

What possible method could there be to viral madness choking life out of over 52,000 of our family, friends and neighbors? Is revealing the greater love of so many different heritages, creeds and cultures, isolating from their loved ones, to lay down their lives for strangers and colleagues, justification?

Who among the gods, or demitasses thinking themselves almighty, could possibly concur with cutting off connecting contact from community cooperation, comforting comradery and conjugal cuddling?

What if COVID-19 is more than a pandemic passing out strokes to the young, stealing dreams and stamping out our faith in centuries old self-definitions, by introducing shelter-in-place hope to Conservatives financing protests against reason?

Is COVID-19’s 2020 presence highlighting the destructive equality of voter alienation and callousness of a nation dividing Senate Majority Leader?

Could COVID-19, while menacingly inclusive, clearly choosing, most often, to cull from a top-down convenience-oriented society, the blood, sweat and tears foundation of low wage-earning human infrastructure, holding aloft aloof Billionaires?

What if, like the tide, COVID-19’s ebb current erodes our superficial illusions that

  • Nursing and retirement homes
  • Corporate owned hospital supplies
  • Banker imposed recession & student loan servitude
  • Denial of annual minimum wage increases
  • Rural communities without internet access, hospitals, doctors or public transportation to healthcare facilities
  • Tremendous zip code discrepancies between school buildings and texts
  • Annual teachers’ income less than an athlete’s salary per game
  • Electoral process vulnerable to foreign manipulation without recourse
  • Judicial branch flip-flopped by Conservative revenge, denying one president’s Supreme Court appointment, in favor of another’s
  • Politicizing the last remnants of Checks and Balances
  • Disallowing witness testimony at an impeachment trial
  • Exasperating our nation’s Blue/Red State divide, by whitening out the truth that Liberal State tax dollars subsidize those living in states run by Conservative policies restricting essential healthcare of their unknowing constituents
  • Allowing a president to remain in office who, even before prescribing a shot or two of disinfectants to keep the Coronavirus down, clearly and publicly demonstrated his psychological and intellectual inability to fulfill his oath to preserve, protect and defend Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic…

…is/are in any way normal?!?

There is nothing normal about skin color, choice of bedfellow or zip code income determining one’s place in the cruise line between birth and death by president.

There is nothing normal about enjoying dinner out, while ignoring the opportunistic gravity of our inhumane food chain, from underpaid and abused pickers, to shoulder to shoulder workers at packing plants — potentially dying by the hundreds — not just from COVID-19, but from systemic conditions on Factory Farms.

Whether Divine Will, a steward-less earth’s rebellion restoring a human-less space to wild animals or corporate greed, the truth is, America has never achieved the Healthcare, Education or Electoral Exceptionalism with which we have been so indoctrinated to believe since 1776.

Surely the Exceptionalism of, one person one vote, is a myth when failing to protect us from electing presidents, like our 45th and his pretend patriots.

Classifying hospitals staffs and Wisconsin primary voters expendable, because monied Conservative media, society and opinion manipulators believe their profit margins are more important than our lives, Make America Great Again has raised America to COVID-19’s First Place.

Legalizing Citizens United, we enabled corporate owned media, hospitals and every level of government; empowered corporate CEOs and Boards of Directors to hedge their salaries at our expense; facilitated the corrosion of American education; permitted pharma and health insurance gouging and allowed limitations on hospital emergency supply stockpiles, arguably thus underwriting Wall Street bonuses.

Choosing to ignore or be ignorant of factual information is a fool’s errand, and accepting any mirage of superiority over another, denies the wisdom of, to those much is given, much is expected in order to benefit others.

Perhaps, the real lesson of COVID-19 is how nature and environment grasped an overdue gasp of fresh air, the very moment human interpretation of stewardship, stayed home.

For the wise, COVID-19 is an unforgiving rehearsal for the effect of human over-consumerism on planet earth. Failing to learn this lesson by not implementing emergency management planning before the next emergency needing management arrives, Climate Change may be our curtain call.

In our Land of the Free, 98–60% of us have usually, if not finally, provided the brave, in The Home of the Brave.

Truth is, there will be peace on earth again, whether it begins with us or not.



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