Our 45th POTUS Donald Trump is America’s Greatest National Emergency

Marcello Rollando
4 min readAug 17, 2020


Screaming Mad Over Trump’s Abuse of the USPS — Artist: Akemi Ohira

Envious of Tony Kushner’s, I am the president of the United States of America clothed in immense power, in March 2020, Donald Trump stumbled through a rehearsal: To unleash the full power of the Federal Government in this effort today, I’m officially declaring a National Emergency — two very big words.

For Donald Trump words collide at the intersection meaningless and open secrets. Now, with more than 170,000 COVID deaths in America, who will suspend systemic racism, insulate us from pandemics, shield our Postal Service and reverse Trump’s dismantling of democracy on his destroy America first course, if not, We the People?

The forever challenge of, a Republic if you can keep it is, a government of, by and for the people comes at a price: such power cannot be granted unworthy men. Power, once bestowed on trusted leaders, lingers if not retrieved, available to those who either are incapable of distinguishing between good and evil or, are all too focused on defiling the former to harness the latter to commit vile crimes and misdemeanors.

While Trump is no deep thinker, he is a master of manipulating media and by extension American preoccupation. A consummate pretender, The Don is doing what he’s always done to survive, bait and switch — but rehearse first. So, now thoroughly possessed by Trump’s Legion, for America to survive, we need to exorcise him out of us.

Purging and cleansing ourselves of Trump alone, however, is no cure.

From Ronald Reagan’s Trickle Down juncture creating working Middle Class disfunction, through Bush/Cheney’s forever oil wars — though less discernable than the abrupt desertion by Coal Mining Companies, disappearing in their manufactured cloud of coal ash — automation, robots and more efficient assembly line machines, deserted American manufacture workers — plus our incessant all-American habit of denying the truth that sets us free from change in Climate to refusing to change from past mistakes.

American voters have, through State chosen Electors most often manufactured presidential elections by swinging our collective political pendulum to the extreme opposite of our last political offense taken personally — a habit which limits our ability to see ourselves as, we.

From 1789 to 2016, we haven’t fully grasped that, it’s better for all in the land of opportunity when elections are imbibed by an overwhelming number of people inspired to energetically move our nation forward with the ideals of, malice toward none and charity for all, instead of Government’s Welfare Queen is the problem, and unending wars, profiting Halliburton and its Wall Street colleagues, with American blood absorbed in foreign sand.

Worse still, being addicted to such prejudicial false premises, emotional biases taint our civic duty with, cutting off our knows to spite our facing unknowns: believing America’s economy operates like a family budget, or throwing away a precious vote just to, shake things up, and putting America’s global standing, in the hands of a business fraud and cowardly bully.

Electing a presidential wannabe King marinates our national security with golden showers like paid Afghan assassins, Turkish bodyguards and brutal Lebanese leaders.

Let’s recall Louis DeJoy’s stamp of approval on Trump’s treasonous attack on our exceptional one person, one vote privilege.

The Good: Knowing he had bequeathed John Kennedy a, Cold War, a well-intentioned Eisenhower, issued an executive order, embellishing Truman’s Office of Emergency Planning, with the Continuity of Government. Kennedy, realizing the Cuban Missile Crisis nuclear potential, expanded the nonmilitary defense program to develop plans, conduct programs and coordinate preparation for the continuity of federal governmental operations in the event of attack.

The Bad: Following 9/11, Cheney staffed COG with ultra-Right-Wing Conservatives, to guarantee the survival of people who favored his yoo-hoo enhanced extremes — which gave get-out-of-jail-free idea to current Tax cheat-in-Chief.

The Ugly: This was no accident. Being preoccupied with Trump distractions, we neglected to take him at his word. Trump will stop at nothing to be president forever. Sensing failure in that, dividing and conquering our United We Stand will birth, Trump-land.

Power is liquid mercury. Executive Power is a stream collecting in its twisting flow, characteristics of its contributors, whether advancing equity or drowning freedom’s habitat in disruptive sediments.

Conservative GOP COVID-19 response has threatened our lives, diminished our fortunes and damaged our sacred honor — dimming our Constitutional rights in the mind of a president envious of seemingly omnipotent comrades, despots, demagogues dictatorsintimidating their citizens.

A friendly reminder: to preserve teachers/children, protect First Responders/elderly and defend all from, what is past is prologue, abrupt unemployment or being ignored to death by a Pontius Pilate president washing his hands of our fate.

In 2020, voting is now a choice between bad and worse: risking individual life vs. America’s democratic survival.

We must have America’s back, to get America back.



Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director