Perhaps it’s Time We Reevaluate the gods We Worship

Beware of False Prophets Dispersing Misinformation Among the Willing Absorbers of Disinformation — Artist: Akemi Ohira

If we believe timing of Facebook’s recent global disappearance wasn’t whistle blowing Ads and fans in the wind reaction — we might be following the Followers of gods taking America’s down escalator to infraction.

If we don’t get The Washington Spirit of K Street, One First Street S.E. and One First Street N. E. truth decay — we might be the welcome mat for older white men preying on younger females denied a supervisory protective structure to keep predators at bay.

If we are shocked, shocked to find that tax evasion is going on in the realm of billionaires — we might be a violent fool’s errand boys assaulting election certification and constitution to prove we have a pair.

If we are in favor of restricting voting rights for any Americans — we might be genuflecting at the altar of wannabe dictatorial religious bans.

If we choose horse and cow medicine over Anti-Covid Vaccines — we might just be faithful to misinformation machines.

If we think Billionaire owners of Fossil Fuel companies and their Too Big to Fail 2008 Great Recession give a damn about us — we might be as blindsided as the trumped already thrown under the bus.

If we no longer trust our news media, have lost faith in all levels of government — we might be primed clueless Conservative pawns sacrificed as Mitch McConnell’s playing chicken armament.

If we are addicted to Social Media Followers, Likes from people we don’t know and Climate Change denial — we might be too preoccupied to grant full citizenship to some as essential.

If we think most MIA females snatched from family existence look like Gabby Petito — we might be accomplices after these facts: more Native Americans, Latino Americans, African Americans and Asian Americans have been disappeared by violent acts.

If we are laissez faire regarding what happens to Americans of color under police care — we might be a Burning Crosses rerun paying it backward, forgetting silence is consent on a dare.

If we are tickled pink by a West Virginia Senator cloning Pomeranian twister projecting his gridlock aiding and abetting onto Schumer and McConnell misters — we might be accessories on merry-go-round for faux Debt Ceiling mixers.

If we believe Life Insurance is not a bet that we won’t die and Health Insurance a Medicare inhibitor if you try — we may be a pig in a poke due to America’s Health Insurance accountability joke.

If we believe child abuse comes only at the hands of Catholic priests, Weinstein’s casting couch or a Roy Moore jury — we may be missing the bigger picture of, Critical Race Theory.

If we had paid African Americans a livable wage to slave for Caucasians — we might be wise to: The Antebellum South’s whipping post persuasion couldn’t without free human labor ever rise to the occasion.

If we believe a school fight automatically ends in gun violence, when there is no gun immediately available to interrupt parlance — we might be suckling on the shortsighted shooter of an NRA dalliance.

If we assume it was good to pay 5.8 Trillion tax dollars for Bush/Cheney lying us into Afghanistan, but call 3.5 Trillion for providing ignored human necessities, a national Entitlements plan — we might be adrift on an Almost Heaven Republican clan.

If we publicly plead for saving West Virginia’s Dollar Tree store, we might be less of an obvious opportunistic hypocrite, if we knew the correct name of the store before our photo op bit.

If we travel to Mount Airy North Carolina looking for reality in a Mayberry fantasy tour bus ride — we may be the rising reincarnation of the Godless Society of Whites Only, southern pride.

If we think overloaded Cargo Ships backed up off California shore and New York Port, stalling the global supply chain is no danger signal proof — we might be oblivious to An Inconvenient Truth.

If we believe Exxon and partners in greed didn’t really know — we might need George C. Scott in The Formula with Marlon Brando before mother earth reaps what we sow.

If we think 38M hungry, 50,000 Opioid overdoses and over 710,000 COVID deaths in America is a hoax — we might be the bottom-line punchline for those for whom hardworking Americans are just jokes.

If we think Corporatism’s Social Media platforms’ algorithms aren’t mind shaping us for profit — we might be the misinformed attacking government institutions believing Giuliani’s secret docket.

If we think pizza pedophiles are more authentic than Constitutional rights to peacefully disagree — we might be the flag waving, Asian attacking and democracy stealing pawns, subpoena ignorers and Bible photo opportunists needed to cancel the Land of the Free.

If we believe America cannot be disappeared unless, We the People worship false prophets — we might be the gods of America’s true infrastructure: children, democracy’s comet.