Post Trump’s COVID-19 Deaths, What’s Next for We the Left Behind

To understand America’s 2020 Trump infestation, we’ll need to gulp down more than a few mugs of, the truth hurts, to help the long overdue medicine of humble pie go down, before We the People become just another one of Trump’s many bankruptcies.

With 8.65 Million COVID-19 cases obliterating our short-term memory of more mass shootings than there were days in 2019 (without much presidential empathy expressed); with more than 54 million Americans voting before Election Day, in the midst of a reinvigorated coronavirus surge, while a sitting VP cavalierly ignores his potential for spreading a deadly pandemic as tranquillizingly as his religious hypocrisy — was the fly the mollified undecided?

The silver lining for all, Love it or Leave It Americans committed to a raison d’etre that can fit on a red baseball cap, can beat their anti-Pride chests while simmering pandemic threatened blood transfusions to keep alive historic Government subsidizing traditions:

  • Human slavery — the immoral economic infrastructure south of the Mason-Dixon line, now reinforcing food insecurity through minimum wage
  • Factory Farms — while responsible for nearly 91% of the destruction of the Amazon, and unlike family farms, producing animal products that are hazardous to our health
  • Caged Refugees — In the past year, our ICE-cold government leaders have illegally held in custody enough migrant infants, toddlers, kids, and teens to overflow the typical NFL stadium: 69,550 — and now cannot reconnect 545 of them with their families
  • The slick polluting champions of Black Gold, guzzle down four Billion American tax dollars every single year, while in all probability investing our tax dollars in renewables, so they can corner that market as well, once we start electing leaders who actually care about our children’s future

Here’s the hurry up and catch up while the muted obnoxious political commercial is on TV, version: first — we need cloak our cluelessness to why Conservative Republicans worshiping at the altar of the 1% send other people’s children to war as much as possible, even as Trump tax cuts are another giftwrapped ATM machine for Corporatism — in a sort of, Waiting for Superman cape to set us free at last on the wings of, nothing but the truth of, The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism — because, what we don’t know about (and why) our American History could easily transform America’s Main Street into a Wall Street induced Food Desert and Climate imposed homelessness.

It is not the first time America has been sharply divided over issues, nor terrified that our uncivil emotions could again drown the nation in brother against brother rivers of blood: 1776 American progressives vs. the British Crown and Americans loyal to it; 4/1861–4/1865 Civil War to preserve the union or, a peculiar institution. Or our 1876 Centennial election, while sparing us another Civil War, essentially nullified Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, leaving former slaves vulnerable to former slave owners

It is, however, the first time our division has been systematically directed with the divisiveness of foreign comrades, derision of senate puppets and manic delusions of a sitting President of the United States of America.

Life is about making choices, of which, Freedom of Choice, and Free Will to reign over anyone who doesn’t look, think or vote as you, are two roads most travelled by. Yet we have other choices to make, and do so, with every malice afore thought, kind gesture and life-determining action of every day.

Therefore, if we choose be something beyond cloning a trumped America seemingly determined to lead we, the other two-thirds, into an entanglement of, the arrogance of ignorance: sharing in a virus dissipating throughout maskless masses, intent upon culling by COVID, we might just give Millennials a hair’s breadth of clean air chance to transform the life and earth, respectively Baby Boomers and Generation X’s Cold War wars, bequeath them — to, by example of Social Distancing, spare Generations Y1 & 2 — dealing Gen Z the dream hand of, natural causes, instead of nature’s Climate Change revenge. Then Millennials can cross the barroom knowing they snatched the victory of research time from the jaws of food shortages and homelessness.

But when your best response to a global pandemic is attacking America’s First Amendment, ramming through Supreme Court nominees assuming the politicizing of the highest judicial check on your imbalance; then apathetically walking away from Americans scarred by loss of livelihood, peace of mind and human life, then you are indeed, the nightmare hauntingly gnawing away at the very soul of our American Dream — choosing to ignore the prediction of almost a quarter of a million deaths before 20 January 2021.

The question is, can a house divided against itself survive four more years of a Criminal-in-Chief?



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