Ready or Not, It’s Our Time to Be The Greatest Generation of Americans

So much for ‘Absolute Power’ — Artist: Akemi Ohira

COVID-19 is less about Donald Trump and his Acting Administration, and more about his worshiping Base who gave rise to such an ill-equipped candidate, so enablers could raise him to believe he has absolute power to disorient our trust, replace our faith, destroy our hope and tragically wound our love for the exceptional sanctity of, one person, one vote.

The iconic irony of his dangerous apathetic ineptitude is that it is politically defeating and physically killing more conservative voters who, willingly embrace the worst potential of a pandemic, rejecting scientific analysis to overdose on disinformation.

It should give no American joy to see any human regardless of political, sexual, or religious preference self-destruct, for any person’s death not only diminishes the whole — but threatens the lives of all our fellow citizens, sacrificing themselves on the frontlines of hospitals, nursing homes, delivery truck routes and grocery checkouts.

No question we’re in a bind that’s demanding more than happy talk from national leaders and greater moral fortitude than religious leaders suggesting we prematurely march to Zion en masse via more the merrier gatherings.

For now, most of us have one job: stay at home, so that those who can’t, without deserting us, have a better chance of surviving, to save us. Or do we prefer the proof of those who reap what the worst failed national response in the world from any American executive branch has sown?

Since Tuesday 8 November 2016, Kavanaugh confirmation, caged refugees and Senate Impeachment trial sans witnesses, I have, perhaps Tevye-like, wondered, isn’t this a good time for some Divine Intervention? And that was before the revelations that worse than Mitch McConnell’s GOP lying to us, those who elected them are lying to themselves.

Despite, What is Past is Prologue, engraved on D.C.’s National Archives Building, there are still so many lessons we’ve failed to engrave in our hearts and minds, including the comedies and tragedies of our elections: most who live by the gun, die by the gun or now at The Edge, most people who die in the woods, die of shame.

However, one lesson lost on us is the truth behind why young, minority and low-income Americans rarely vote. Could it be because they suffer most from a top-down system cavalierly heaping student debt and The Great 2008 Recession upon us? Haven’t they earned our sympathy and support more than those who own banks or Towers?

Most patriotic Good Samaritans battling COVID-19 are dying from the failure of national leaders to supply Ventilators for patients, and personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical personnel so essential to, our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor.

Because too many have sought solutions at the altar of false prophets promising Springtime for Ponzis, we’re created a leader, who twittering away the lives of those who elected him to preserve, protect and defend America, who is more parasite, harvesting from both disease and deceased.

No matter how much we deny the truth of cultural bigotry, gender inequity, systemic racism, Coronavirus timetable or lack of national leadership, this Coronavirus is a gauntlet both warning and testing to see, when in the worst of times, who shall we resemble: Lt Gen Todd Semonite or Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robert Vos?

COVID-19 is both wake-up call and rehearsal for, United We Stand, when the curtain rises on, the forgotten Pandemic.

America’s minimum wage earners and all living paycheck to paycheck with little or no savings, whose service we assume every day, need more NBC Universal’s The More You Know PSA #AloneTogether than, We’re in this Together — because the financial gap that has been gouged out by religious and political Conservatives has so threatened Franklin’s, if we can keep it — by expanding our crevice of disparity to an abyss of hopelessness, so grandiose that to most, imagining anything in common between the privileged rich & famous and their daily valley of tears, is all but impossible.

So, before we open our schools, places of worship and small businesses to COVID-19, let’s open our hearts, checkbooks and reason, knowing we’re not in this together until we’re like:

Cast as protagonists, we fight to defeat the global antagonists: Coronavirus Pandemic, the fear of it and the unprecedented presidential cowardice incapable of understanding, facing or conquering it.



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Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director