We Need to Grow Beyond the Monsters that are The Root of All Our Evils

Marcello Rollando
4 min readDec 17, 2021


Marcello Rollando & Larry Dresner Saving Earth One Musical at a Time

We need to grow in life-saving knowledge or, being trumped, fail to internalize the true long-term reality as easily as we learned our ABCs…

  1. Interrupted supply chains
  2. 800,000 American COVID-19 deaths
  3. The treason of 6 January 2021

We need to grow beyond alienation whether animated by Right-wing anglers, ambushed by autonomous corporate assets assuring our automatic abandonment into an abyss atop an addiction to accumulating things: the antithesis of abundance.

We need to grow out of the banality of braggadocios bigots, carbon copy candidates and delusional demagogues denouncing the bravery, courage and devotion that balances conviction with destination, saving our brilliant Constitution from decaying — beckoned cockeyed into demise.

We need extricate our famous genealogy from the ensemble now fatefully gagging our equality’s full grandeur — equating falsehoods with gender equality, faking gossamer wings.

We need to grow healthier introspective journalists, to halt incessant juvenile hyperbole imbibed with jaundice — grow beyond hokum injected jawbones hooked on issues’ juxtapositions, hurling investigative journalism, hunkered in jocular haunts inundated by corporate juntas.

We need to grow kinetically, leaping multi-culturally, knowing logically, millions of kindreds logged-on, minus kinship, lose mindset: Knowledge lifts momentum, but knowingly longing for a mythological past, knots loving magic into evil’s roots.

We need to grow newly open-minded pearls of wisdom, to negate opposites penetrating national options in peril. We need to grow beyond needing oil pumped gas, with no obligatory perception, neither observing nor paying for nonchalant opulence precluding neighbors, orderlies, plumbers — not only publicly.

We need to grow quickly, remotely and significantly as questionable Too Big to Fail, rapiers slice with quirky rehearsals for space travel, quadrupling rejection senility to quaintly resuscitate side-stepping Climate Change’s quantum rage, soundly.

We need to grow toward united we stand vaccinations; truly unifying in vacating warring tribes, to understand vapid threats undermine and vanquish warmongers trusting utterly in vying for wrong in all The Right unhinged variants of worship.

We need to exit xenophobia, stop yielding to the xenophobic and zealots xeroxing yells that zap poor countries with 45th’s expletives.

We need to grow beyond our roots in overconsuming addition to the convenience of instant gratification lining the pockets of those who maneuver prices to manipulate purchases. Until we do, most of us will remain the foundation upon which a top-down economy demands our grass roots be the taxed footstool of tax-free off-shore accounts.

We need to grow beyond our living off credit ratings believing that anything is actually paid for when charged to a credit card, or drown in supply and demand financial tomfoolery, in which bankers get richer by raising prices on the Middle Class comfort zone, gas guzzling America to the poor house.

We need to grow with scientific truths being drowned out by corporate owned media, Social Media trumpets and our failing to follow the money.

We need to grow out of the buying, fault-finding and scapegoating that sacrifices our lives on the altar of Climate Change.

We need to grow beyond ignoring agricultural land grabs by subsidized factory farms that entice us to deplete oceans and Rainforests vital to our children’s planetary survival.

We need to decrease carbon emissions by more than half between January 2022 and December 2030 — or non-human species won’t be the only extinctions on our watch.

We need to grow by reflecting the heat back into space, rather than billionaire joy rides.

We need to grow oxygen producing plants from window box planters to urban rooftops to gardens and fields free from agriculture production. We need to express our bountiful thanksgiving to an earth weary of bountifully giving.

We need to grow out of denial into the courage that comes from remembering a House Divided Cannot Stand, admitting we have become a people easily swayed by bipolar political speak, reflected in every wasteful toss and self-serving criticism.

Grow or not, we are blithely creating our weather, collapsing our democratic republic into willing serfdom, entangled in Corporatism’s puppet strings choking us until earth can’t breathe.

We need to grow beyond the cost of Milk, price of gas, free education and pay our past due accountability for what we’ve done to our home and all life upon it.

We need to grow faster than an estate tax giving our ultrawealthy — akin to plantation owners on the backs of slaves — obscene cash reserves minus jailtime at the expense of 98% of us.

We need to grow, admitting the truth that America has always been lopsided: 60% for and 40% against.

We must grow in the knowledge that

  • Denial can’t reactivate supply chains
  • Thoughts and prayers won’t resurrect global pandemic deaths.
  • Expecting Independents to save earth from radicals (Right & Left) is the greatest lie we tell ourselves.



Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director