We the People are Free to Choose Truth or Live The Big Lie

Marcello Rollando
4 min readAug 8, 2022


Good Samaritans still Outnumber the Gullible and Shortsighted, but Time is Fleeting — Artist: Akemi Ohira

America may survive with both dishonest old white men cloning false prophets creating conservative conspiracies, but it can only thrive when an empowered majority learns to discern the truth instead of, taking our country back, to keep up with the Alex Joneses.

We ignore gun manufacturers manufacturing owners of militarized weapons targeting innocent civilians — or we disarm LaPierre and all profiteering off murdered school children, with legal accountable.

Admitting 1776–1782 Red Coat loyalists are the inspirational connecting bridge to those who chose a war of secession against the United States of America to preserve, protect and defend their perceived right to prosper off the free hard labor of enslaved children, raped women and men in chains — we heal.

Not all Americans believing in The Don’s second coming are card carrying members of the third of Americans possessed by a predictive tradition of attaching themselves to the loudest voice screaming the most fabrications, owning those who know not what they do, with just a sip from the cup of deception.

We can genuflect at the CPAC altar of creating tension, manufacturing exaggerated fears and unwarranted hatred now devouring the Party of Lincoln — or opt out of hanging ourselves on the burning crosses of arrogant anti-justice Justices and trumped rioters treading on our Constitution.

When we advance beyond the foot soldiers deceitfully Cruzing in Stack Formation against democracy, we hold fast to our collective faith in our exceptional peaceful transition of power.

Shall we settle for the freedom bequeathed only to those resembling the gender and color of our Founding Fathers — or have a new birth of freedom overdue for our diverse evolution?

Conservative anti-abortion votes expose supreme hypocrisy of before birth care vs. after aging-out of at twenty-one neglects.

Our Constitution is not just a piece of old parchment under glass, but exceptional promises amended through time and wisdom, etched in our very political soul-searching to shield us from mob rule.

Are we not yet courageous enough to honor all who have and continue to sacrifice on foreign soil, defend truth in our courts of law, save lives in hospitals and educate our children by being living examples of our Constitutional freedoms and justice for all?

Our nation can maintain its admittedly fragile floundering foundation footing, facing fools floating fraudulent forces, finishing forty-five’s flagrant falsehoods fortifying The Right — IF our American Dream includes choosing truth, rather than standing like a fused Red Army in ovation for a foreign fossil fawning for fascism.

We could mimic Trump’s pressure on Wisconsin Assembly’s elections committee — or persevere with democratic Inflation Reduction Act — despite Republicans refusing to help Americans needing insulin.

We could honor what we claim to be as America or emulate Pennsylvania’s example of selectively cherry-picking primary election certification.

Shall we roll over blind-sided by Conservative Republicans’ lip service to Christian values more akin to Gerald L. K Smith than the man from Nazareth — or stand tall in defense of, no one is above the law.

We can blame Black people frankly for gun violence, and the FBI for the violent January 6, 2021 insurrection against Congress and our U. S. Capitol — or embrace the truth that both hurts and sets us free from our ensconced prejudices, allowing manipulators of thought to capitalize on our weakness for quick and easy solutions.

We can blame presidents for roller-coaster prices at the pump, or we could vote out those in office who allow Corporations to profit off our financially challenging times, by evicting the elected who receive the largest donations from the big five oil companies.

Arguably, America has become a tale of two countries, though like our 1860–1865 Big Lie: The War of Northern Aggression, we are not evenly divided. The Good Samaritans still outnumber the gullible and shortsighted.

However, currently the idea and ideals of America are being choked out of our collective memory by faux patriotism’s Boa constrictors: election deniers projecting sowers of derision and division; dissemblers like Steve Bannon, mass-murder liars like Alex Jones, new opportunist Kari Lake and our wannabe Russian Commissar fired in November 2020 — unless we heed our better angels and resurrect our peace that passes all understanding, now entombed in a shallow grave of malice aforethought by GOP Conservatives.

Electing to save teachers’ public-school curriculum and our dreams of an America of, by and for all of the people from book burning, slavery rewrites and phony patriots, is a far, far better rest we go to than we have ever known.

And delivering our planet and nation, from those who would destroy it rather than witness its cultural evolution in education, equality and excellence, is a far, far better thing that we do than we have ever done.



Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director