What if, it IS the End of the World?

If instead of responding to record breaking forest fires, an ever-increasing number of tornado producing upper level category hurricanes and a Corona Virus ever mutating reinvigorated threats to humanity by: continuing to eliminate natural environment, refusing to get vaccinated, wear a mask or keep socially distant — then we just might be the cause celeb that encourages Conservative Senators and Governors, the bottom line of the 500 mega global corporations (like Walmart, Amazon, Apple) and their myth mentors the, Too Big to Fail creators of The Great Recession, whose Mission statement’s MIA clause is to keep all living in America:

  • Fat from chemical filled food washed down with lead laden water
  • Drunk on Conservative Republicans Lincoln shaming misinformation, addicted to power as much as Sackler family is to Opioid income
  • Stupid from broadcast analysis: Corporatism Speak for conjecture and gossip

What makes America’s patriotism stink: Lip-service only patriots, the manure spreaders they elect and their ignoring the fate of our all-volunteer military.

The last time our honorable nation committed the committed to an honorable war was 7 December 1941–2 September 1945. Nonetheless, post-war Germany and Japan weren’t left anymore neat and tidy than Afghanistan, after our volunteered fought, bled and died for twenty years.

No, German and Japanese civilians were left in squalor, with little food, water and reliable infrastructure. Notwithstanding America’s propaganda reels, Axis citizens were not thankful for their destroyed nations, either by their leaders or ours.

The Marshall Plan, though well intentioned, couldn’t prevent a major money-grabbing shift in America’s waging war motivation, from Progressive anti-gender equality Wilson’s making the world safe for democracy, to preserving, protecting, and defending Corporativism’s ATM machine: The Military Industrial Complex — now furious at Biden’s cutting into their cash flow.

When in 1973, Watergate Nixon ended the draft to end anti-war protests, except for the families of our volunteer military, 99% of us began ignoring the 1% who volunteered to serve at the whim of self-serving politicians rented by Wall Street Boards.

In 2000, political parties spent more on mind-bending TV Ads than candidates, and just as the four days of non-stop TV coverage regarding President Kennedy’s assassination convinced CNN that Americans would love 24/7 TV news as much as corporate owners would love Ad income, Corporatism convinced Americans to give the keys to our honor, to oilmen.

1/20/2001, Americans ensconced America in the chokehold of Wall Street Bankers, thus on 9/11/01 both the Bush/Cheney Administration and Al Qaeda’s bin Laden were united, hand and glove, in immoral combat.

The former, still War Criminals, enjoying the life of, out of sight out of mind, provided they avoid the jurisdiction of the Criminal Court in The Hague, while the latter was killed by our volunteer military on the orders of the president who replaced White House Communications Director Nicolle Wallace’s bosses.

Whether you have a Silver Star to brandish for increased book sales or not, if you’re going to broadcast your POV disapproval of the president who ended our military involvement in Afghanistan, don’t be a selective hypocrite. Remind us of our, Mushroom Cloud gang: Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz/Gonzales/Rice/Yoo, that every American was complicit in a blatant disregard for human rights protected under Common Article 3 of The Geneva Conventions, and all who voted to reelect Bush/Cheney, were Accomplices After the Fact.

Can we not both celebrate those who end wars and honor those like the eleven marines, one soldier and one sailor who made the ultimate sacrifice? All volunteers dying helping people longing for the freedoms we take for granted; dying while serving humanity in a way we, safe at home, would never dare; all save one, under thirty scheduled to return home within a week of their demise.

What if COVID-19 is testing our ability to face catastrophe? What’s our, Take Away

  • Honoring 9/11 heroes with solemn refrains only, or refraining from electing men who use American tragedies to start wars for corporate profiteers
  • Denying a woman’s right to choose while refusing rent assistance to mothers, or admitting, Free Will is Divinely all-inclusive
  • Mesmerized by TV Media framing our thoughts, or disconnecting from the relentlessly negative coverage from POV journalists (Rick Stengel @#740)
  • Suicide by Vaccine Misinformation with Horse & Cow Meds, or engaging the common sense with which we were born
  • Fighting over toilet paper, or uniting before wars over water
  • Sending unvaccinated children to school, or keeping them safe until under twelves can be vaccinated
  • Denying our addiction to personal convenience has disabled our children’s future, or completely supporting, MEER: ReflEction Project

Conservative Republican Senators, Governors and State Legislatures are playing Homeland war games, Aided and Abetted by the willing and unknowing of every race, creed, heritage, sexual and political choice.

Collateral Damage: our national Exceptionalism, individual integrity, children and our planet.



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