What Matters to We the People Doesn’t Matter to McConnell & Trump’s GOP

Where, would labelers, opportunists and hypocrites be without their blindly obedient, overly armed minions of extremes, rising up from revisionist history to whitewash second-class citizenship, with self-deluded white lies — goosestepping across the backs of the less fortunate to reverse democracy, at the feet of too big to jail behemoths, possessing too many dollars without the good sense to know, the balance of the power of cashflow succeeds only when a two-way street?

When will Democrats, Republicans, Independents and non-voters cease ignoring a variation on Hamlet’s admonition: There are more people, places and things important to occupy Heaven, than are dreamt of by eyes wide shut earthlings repeatedly blindsided by ravenously money hungry Corporatism, forever imposing herd mentality to subjugate and suppress life on earth — both enabling and colluding with a morally bankrupt system, pretend president and their piggish puppeteers gathering maskless at the trough of oppression.

Why do both Right and Left extremes continue to believe America can survive if either succeeds, without the centered strength of Middle-Class stability?

How foolish to proclaim ourselves first, while so vehemently choosing to be two unequal halves.

Non-Voters, Independents and both Republican and Democratic Parties solidified their self-proclaimed definitions, proving gender bias, sexual hypocrisy and racial bigotry is what swings America’s political/cultural/financial pendulum between:

· Lincoln’s Republicans v. anti-Civil War Democrats

· Presidential Whig remnants v. silver dollar & Wilsonian Progressives

· Hooverville Banker owned Republicans v. Black New Deal Democrats

· Jim Crow Anti-Civil Rights Dixiecrats v. sixties assassinations

· First Tricky Dick & Trickledown anti-welfare v. Malaise labeled tree-huggers

· CIA Bushes Torturing & 2nd Tricky Dick’s forever oil wars v. Obama wave damned by McConnell’s fingered dyke

· Citizens United Conservative Corporate GOP enabling Russian comrade v. Gender Equality, Planned Parenthood & Human Decency

In this too often sad and sometimes shameful life line, lies the buried and forgotten truth in the lies we tell ourselves.

Before we meet and greet, whatever comes after, and hear the inevitable entrance inquiry, did you contribute to accomplishing what you were sent to do, we need ask, and answer for ourselves, when will we learn the lesson of, What is Past is Prologue?

If we keep repeating the same mistakes of desiring supremacy over others, greed for all that glitters and fear driven anger that another’s gain is stolen from our potential, the arrogance that makes us so vulnerable to the big cons, in our uncontrollable desire to be them, we salute, elect and sell our nation’s soul willingly, happily and gladly for the ashes of economic, physical and spiritual truth decay.

It is essential that we stop looking at America and all who inhabit it, through the eyes of self-indulgent fairytales and Political Party Branding, and see all that we have wrought in 2020, we ourselves have elected since the Novembers of 1972, 1980 and 2000: each third of this triad of misinformation manipulation inaugurated the ever-increasing downward spiral foreshadowing our betrayal of ourselves — culminating in November 2016.

Most Republicans who voted for Bush/Cheney and continue to insist Trump won our 2020 presidential election first lock-stepped in the pied piper GOP parade of, The Southern Strategy, believing it, The American Way — and so it became ensconced in every easily marketable sign, slogan and chant — defaming the very concept of Rockets’ Red Glare, Over There and Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.

When I was a child, my mother told me I couldn’t see the wind, only the result of it. With the 2015 Republican Bond, Mitch McConnell’s October 2010 priorities and Senate Judiciary Committee’s 2016 constipation of SCOTUS, America has inhaled the foul results of Republican ill wind, blowing from Putin’s alley ally, Donald J. Trump.

Every voter and non-voter are as responsible for the leaders we elect as we are accountable for their faux patriotism, pretense of representing all of the people all of the time and their un-Constitutional power grabs.

Yet, despite 17.6M COVID cases and more than 317,000 American deaths, in 2020 eighty-million voters elected to eject an inept, dishonest and possibly treasonous presidential scrooge using American taxpayers as ATM for his family offshore intrigues.

There’s no escaping that the leaders we elect are our truth serum side-effects. So, if we don’t like what we’ve become, or just want to cover our posterior for our hereafter homework completion query, perhaps there’s an honorable path to glory: the power of kindness.

Choose one additional day each year to live like, tis the season to give; or one additional month each year to acknowledge the contributions of people of color; Maybe making our birthdays an additional annual Giving Tuesday…

And replace McConnell’s Dorian Gray, by becoming the Stewards of our environment saving earth’s climate for the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of our children.




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Marcello Rollando

Marcello Rollando

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