Who are We Really — What We Have in Common or What We Don’t?

Are we proof of American exceptionalism or worn down by corporatism’s commercialized opinion making zombies, have we settled for being manipulated by moneyed motivators maneuvering us like chess board pieces to maintain kingship status quo, depleting our income?

248 years after our Boston Tea Party, are the 20% of new America’s Loyalists toKing George III reincarnated in the 40% of Americans loyal to the new Trumped GOP, or are there among 2022 Conservatives more Liz Cheney(s) than Joe Manchin(s)?

We can hold accountable the pawns of illegitimate power violently attempting the 6 January 2021 coup (reminiscent of, The Business Plot attempt by wealthy bankers and businessmen to replace our 32nd President with a dictator) or we can defy, What is Past is Prologue, by following the money financing the treasonous provocateurs: on-air, online and in government.

Did we not learn from Bismarck and Germany’s aristocracy that only a free people in a free society can control an out-of-control single-minded morally deficient dictator convinced the repetition of a Big Lie would grant him power over all the people? Wrapped in a flag, and/or brandishing a Bible to incite foot soldiers to destroy a democratic republic unless as Franklin challenged, if you can keep it — with our votes.

We can favor opposites, defend opposing opinions and still join forces for the greater good, or continue to be manipulated by Wall & K Streets contorting truth to blind us to what we share in common.

Are we the personification of brotherly love or the brutes of Border bias?

We can either work toward our exceptional dream of a more perfect union or settle for living in denial of what our overconsuming self-indulgence for instant gratification has wrought on our children and planet.

Are we. for family sake, vaccinated, maintaining safe distances and masked, or trumped by hypocrites foolheartedly offering a digit gesticulation to common sense?

We can continue to be a nation addicted to adding, est to the end of as many words as possible, thinking it boosts American prowess, or we can admit and accept we’re not the best nor even the brightest when embracing empire building while relegating less fortunate nations to America First vulgarities.

Which choice should we make to best transport our holiday spirit of giving into 2022, loving our neighbors as ourselves or worshiping political demagogues?

We can personify justice for all or be imbibed with justice denied.

Is our belief in ourselves contingent upon President John F. Kennedy and his son returning alive at the site of his 11/22/63 assassination, to anoint a delusional ex-president, or is our faith placed in preserving the institutional senatorial power now favoring Americans knowing what and who were behind the attempted coup of the United States of America — albeit, eleven months after the fact — while avoiding facing his tornado ravaged constituents?

Do we still emulate Abraham, Martin, John and Bobby asking what we can do for our country, or do we violently attack the Congressional certification of the will of the people?

We can be real or fake; honest or foxy; patriots or bigots. We can claim we love God and Country, but unless we love all living here of every hue as we love ourselves, it will be the greatest lie we utter about, The Big Lie, liar.

We can vote for a Republican Party which no longer embraces the Emancipation Proclamation nor reflects the United States of America, or we can melt away 1920’s status symbols memorializing legal racism and propel our neglected union’s harmonious spirit into every fiber of our being, throughout the coming year.

We can continue believing the lie that all Americans were born into equal opportunity, equal justice for all and equal potential for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or we can wake up, admit not only is the proverbial level playing field non-existent, but for more than 43% of Americans, the goal posts continue to be moved.

We can be a Democratic Representative updating Reagan’s repulsive Welfare Queen political exploitation or see ourselves renewed in Americans who nominated our 46th president.

We can continue thinking mental health is the stepchild of physical healthcare or we can insist health insurance providers and governors join the 21st century.

We can educate ourselves with half-truths or all who were born here can choose to learn why so many are dying to live here.

Are we a people for whom a sad shake of the head is sufficient response to domestic terrorism, gun violence and 800,000 Covid deaths or shall we read our Bill of Rights until we comprehend what it guarantees and what it doesn’t?

Only We the People can decide whether America is to be, or not to be.



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Marcello Rollando

I am The Reasonable Voice: Communications consultant, political writer, Text/content contributor for democratic candidates, Zoom Coach and on-camera ad director