Why So Many Hate Crimes Lately!?!

Global Pandemic No Excuse for what GOP Has Become — Artist: Akemi Ohira

The question itself betrays a culture of convenience now , instant gratification tomorrow and denial forever !

Unless the very core of our collective human psyche is upended by the truth that sets us free from, The Big Lies humankind procreated even before 1607, we’ll continue to complicate needed solutions:

* Housing is what ends homelessness.

* Taxing Billionaires helps working poor.

* Common Ground: Computerless Rural farms & disconnected Urbanites

However, until we reach such social platforms of faith of our mothers too, hope by and by in each other, and love for all of the people all of the time — this truth hurts: Hate is but the tip of our human history iceberg imprisoned in the foundation of Cain and Abel — sweltering on the hellish quartet of self-destructive pillars: Envy, Anger, Fear and a newly re-unmasked variant of Civil War.

Truly, there are only three comparatively new feeders of, Hate Crimes :

* American media has discovered it bleeds, so it leads.

* We the People, are too easily contented by stopgap government measures, instead of single mindedly in union with each other and the leaders we elect at every level, upholding the intended exceptional belief, we hold these truths to be self-evident , all are created equal.

* Too often our Military and police are increasingly magnets for extremists — because some of us cannot be trusted with guns and the power to use them with prejudice.

120 years after Honest Abe, The Right exchanged our 16 th for Republicanism born of K & Wall Streets’ lust for Luntz’s Contract with America deserting, Reagan’s Welfare Queens for the trumped.

Hate, like Jim Crow after it, and slavery before literacy tests , has always been America’s foggy bottom, evolving ever watchful of who it embraces and who it excludes through mangled patriotism’s twisted interpretations, particularly of our Constitution’s first fifteen Amendments.

Although none of our presidents, nor our political parties, have been perfect, few colluded with Wall Street CEOs in the White House like Dick Cheney, in an attempt to amuse the Too Big to Jail ’s greed for power, sacrificing our global economy on the altar of the Great Recession . Intentionally drowning America in a Norquist’s bathtub of foreign oil wars — and domestically, Americans invested in the stock market, real estate or home mortgages found themselves victims of foreclosure, without life savings or employment — thus laid bare as the welcome mat for an inciter of violence.

The point is: Our response to, The Great Recession , COVID-19 and the January 6 th attackers on the Congress and Capitol building define us and by extension, both the military and civilian leaders we give power over us.

If we can’t differentiate between the truth and, The Big Lies , we continue to tell ourselves about the big lies those we elect tell us, then our democratic republic hangs by our fingernails.

If we believe businesses can’t find post Covid employees because of government stimulus, and not because of the low wages they offer, then we’ve been watching too much Corporate owned TV News, in addition to Fox.

If we can’t accept the real possibility that our ex-president is not only guilty of felonious behavior but has dangerously damaged our nation and society through his violent supporters, dark dirty money enablers and rented Republican Senators and Governors — then we have become the real time Sit-Com for which Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un have been waiting.

Recognizing our denial has less of a chance to stop Climate Change than Republicans have of stopping the January 6 th Commission investigation, is a good first step toward surviving the mesmerized trumped minions.

Admitting that over a half million people died here from Covid, may open our eyes to the lesson that, still among the living are people who happily value their Opioid income more than the lives of those addicted to them.

Facing the reality of America’s new civil war, we might see January 6th as our Ft Sumpter, for there are millions of Americans amassing weapons that can inflict mass human destruction, all over America — just waiting for the rhetoric follow through of, Stand Back and Stand By.

The wise will not see humor in 40% of Americans armed and ready to strike we the 60%, because post COVID has spawned a new level of fear in the likes of Charles Koch regurgitating money — and the written word — into the coffers of Koch Red Mapped Red State Legislatures furiously racing against racial history to radicalize the ruination of parity.

The sixty-two House members who voted against the bipartisan hate crimes bill are as much a lesson for us as Climate Change, COVID-19 and Colonial Pipeline’s panic buying gasoline lines.

Teaching Civics, Civic Duty and Equal Means Equal to our children in Middle School, could be our democracy’s best hope.




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